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2353: Phew! Brand new day: Momentarily anyways... Sigh...

2240: Long day... heading to Guild Wars turf for a while...


2137: GD! Thanks, NOAA.

2120: Earl finally showing signs of hooking to the right, but loads of moisture and volatile chemicals still being pumped up the Mississippi Valley. 2207: Skies clearing as predicted. Denise swelling. 2216: 2nd Stud roll... Oops. Two 5's, zilch, 1, shoot.

US Weather 8/30/2010 0004z - Sector Loop


Sol going down on Earl

1840: Flash raining behind Earl and in his eye which is cooling off fast. 1856: Midwest: skies to temporarily clear and temperatures to drop overnight. 2030: First roll of the newly purchased Stud dice from Walgreens (1813): 6-4-4-2-1, 6-4-2, 6-3. Three 4's, 12. 6's strong, but no dice. :) Stratocumulus clouds detected over Norwood, Ohio.



1857: One moment... Presently dealing up the Tarot for the above link. 1937: Linked in. Nice hand :)

US Weather 8/30/2010 1518 - Convection Forecast

1550: Denise splitting again to chase off Earl? Not a chance... thunderstorms predicted for tonight as things cool off and the dew point comes into play... Long arm of Earl reaching to Winnipeg, Canada. Fiona giving Earl a push also.

US Weather 8/28/2010 1518

Earl 8/28/2010 1520

Earl's Path 8/28/2010 1545

Atlantic Activity 8/28/2010 1647

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2010_08_30 1316: Denise still... obviously very HIGH centered over West Virginia. Darn, Earl hooking right? Denise could throw it right up the Gulf and Mississippi Valley. Path of Earl so far has been nearly straight-line west. Now coming into direct influence of the clockwise winds of Denise.