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1144: All CLEAR. Check, 2, 3, 4, Matey Lindsly. 10-4. out.

1111: 2 Chronicles 6:7

Now it was in the heart of David my father to build an house for the name of the LORD God of Israel.

1800?: ICBM game online and up there. Fuck, how much pressure you think I can take? Hamilton sheriffs nearly gave me a heart attack today. Judge Mock? OMG No! Judge Brad Greenberg has some good news, Friday? Don't ask me who pushed the button; them dang things smart. Russia has the bigger BOOM, but I have to call the codes for ours. Elvish thing took off when I was calling a hawk. Oops.

2205: MARS ordered me home; I'll be back out to play later, Jupiter. Office-sirs worried sick... "Get yo butts home; we been run outta thar."

2122: GD, Kill Devil Hills? Head to the beach for a KD? Kitty Hawk Wright Flyer would get torn to shreds.

2030: Venus says, "Good evening"... MARS mad as hell too. Doh! "What kind of hardball are we playing here, anyways?" Geesh... Top of the evening to you too, sir. 2245: More power to ya, Gee.

1946: Dawgone, Einstein, The Maker throwing dice to give chances to good folks is fair play. FATE might know the answer, but complete Omniscience is impossible. There is no way to comprehend oneself not in the midst of it all. Let's not have the Furies fighting again, Gee.

1916: Key to Crips vs. Bloods was that "Bloods Bleed" and "Care for a little Crypt tonight, Superman?" The Lord reigns. Aren't we all a little of both?
In Dothan,

Genesis 37:18

And when they saw him afar off, even before he came near unto them, they conspired against him to slay him.

And, they said to one another, Behold, this dreamer cometh.
1807: Denise losing power to Earl, fading... Watch out for low suckers in the SW. Appalachians to act as somewhat of a stop gap? or Pincer move there?

1735: Oops. Springfield, Missouri: Definite Landlubbers' TSUNAMI detected:

1743: Back from Quick Pick with Modelo's, 1-down.

1624: Pic from 1100: Earl_2010_09_01_1100

1615: Afghanistan US Death's averaging nearly 1 a day and not keeping the doctor away either. :( Lohore Blast in the middle of those good folks? Why, oh, why? Come home guys. :,|k

1600: Earl creeping on to US Continental map and expected to strengthen as it crosses the continental shelf.

1505: Front stalling over Missouri; good news for them, but bring it east soon. ;) Echo 10-4.

1450: Back safely, phew! Got me a Honey-Do while I was downtown (there went the rent): Do this, do that! imaginings already. Latest word: Cincinnati red hot mad at Norwood too.

1125: Enjoy the rain Central States. Drying up soon? :( 1150: Time for a lunchtime GW ass-whuppin'? 1211: Heading to Justice Center.

1027: Non-profit needs your support. Easy to donate with Paypal. Spare a fiver, big guys?

1011: Earl says he wants to see the Gulf! Comet's tail should track him clockwise though and stay over Atlantic? Front on way, hold on Ohio Valley.

0948: We are wired for sound now. Easy on the radio waves... Funky feedback. Kill the light and save a tree. Sol punishing the Ohio Valley... UV advisory (Infrared, firing up) too. Thanks Wikipedia:

UV Advisory 2010_09_01_1000

0825: Omaha, Nebraska getting a pounding. Cold front to progress east / ESE slowly. Or not so slow; forecast is 8 hours old and The Great Continental Divide heating up already. Up to 3 Inches of rain predicted yesterday if front goes slow. Dry ground will soak it up like a sponge for a bit and then refill our dangerously low Water table. Perhaps not much pure H2O to flush down the Mississippi.

0330: 24-hour delta temperature valley over central Nebraska. Ok, I admit it, Earl now showing clear signs of following projected path. Watch it doesn't come ashore at Harker's Island. Invisble arm of Earl extending to front over Iowa backwashing east. When it rains, it pours.

0132: Thanks USBank. Smoking Cadillacs now. :)