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2100: Andrea @ WKRC: says "Hi, have a good night." 2208: 3rd WAVE due tomorrow. (only 2 hours off for next day, ya know.) 2340: 20 Cats Killed in Fire, 1830

2013: 2nd WAVE headed @ Cinci. Impact soon. Cooling off for a light show? 2057: Venus peeking thru clouds: "Good evening, gonna be another long one, sorry."

1717: Only being shown the tail of the lion before the tiger pounces? Not fair play, Nubgle in the Jungle. ;)

1542: Low and Earl to merge?

1540: Tsunami not giving up so easily. Dry wave coming after misty blast: Earl Tutsi2 2010 09 03 1522.jpg/></a><br /><br />1113: First wave gusty in Cinci.  <b>Low</b> in Canada over Michigan is bigger than <b>Earl</b> now.  Should blow Earl out to sea.  Watch out, Landlubbers!<br /><br />0945: Some sort of front moved in on Cincinnati this morning.  It is looking scary out.  Carry umbrella's and be prepared to move fast.<br /><br />0548: <b>Earl</b> still has plenty of power in the IR range; though, it has lost some of its low pressure spike after traveling far north over night staying mostly off shore.  Texas getting some rain and thunderstorms.  Will <b>Estella</b> push the Midwest some rain today? The low over Upper Michigan may swirl us in some Great Lakes moisture also.
<a href=Earl 2010 09/03 0545