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1409: US Visible 2010_09_04_1335

1140: Overnight chilly. Front of 3rd Wave blew over so fast that I missed it coming in. Good thing for others' eyes. 24/7, do what? Only in bursts. Spread focus.

  • 0 Snow White & ...
  • 1 Careful, Disney (oops?)
  • 2 Scary
  • 3 Bashful
  • 4 Dopey
  • 5 Sneezy
  • 6 Grandpa
  • 7 Dreamy
  • 8 Witch

Shanahan and Williams for Judges.

Will you set your eyes on that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away like an eagle toward heaven. -Proverbs 23:5

0347: (0203): Good Lord, don't we get a break, Gaston? 48-hours would be nice, but not the whole weekend looks like. Bang, bang, Oops, shit. :( WEBN Fireworks 09-05 delayed a day? ;)

0300: 7th Stud roll: Double 2's, 3, 6, 1: What time is that Grand Opening, Double Dragon II?

Fiona gives up chasing Earl. I'm naming me a 100-Watt fluorescent bulb after you, man, go see Danielle.

0215: Maine getting a soaking from Earl... Vapor coming in from the East too, Niagra Falls, St. Lawrence Gulf, NOVA SCOTIA and NEWFOUNDLAND.

0043: She said, "Hi, Gerald!" (whoa) "Hello!... Double what's? "