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If ya wanna be bad now,
Ya gonna be sad, wow,
Positive mind,
Deeds repaid in kind.

Make the Change,
Turn it up,
High we range,
Drink from the cup.

Brink of the fall,
Turn it 'round,
Give it all,
Don't go down.

It can seem
Just a sound,
"Follow your dream,
Chase it down."

Don't be blue,
You got the
Power to
Make the Change.

If ya wanna be glad then,
Ya hafta work hard, Zen,
Pretending blind,
Damage from behind.

Make the Change,
Turn it on,
High YOU range,
Never a pawn.

In your grief,
Rain patters,
You can believe:
"Nothing matters."

Soul torn apart?
Close the rift,
Open your heart,
Receive the gift.

Always be true,
You got the
Power too,
Make the Change.

Copyright (c) 1997 by Gerald Lindsly

Sneak preview: make_the_change-take1.mp3