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Windows Template Library (WTL) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more.

Unfortunately, this wonderful extension to ATL is not officially supported by Microsoft and there's a number of broken links on many of the pages I have found while looking for more information. This page is a collection of links to WTL resources that were *not* broken last time I checked. home of the WTL on the WTL"Using the Windows Template Library". A nice introduction to the WTL. 3.0 Window Classes: An Introduction first attempt at documenting the WTL classes Documentation Project collection of WTL controls and projects by Bjarke Viksoe Code Project hosts quite a few goodies using the WTL.
My particular favorite is the Tabbing Framework by Daniel Bowen. WTL wrapper for Scintilla, a demo using it, and some other WTL goodies."Note that though this reference was built from WTL 3.1, it is 99% applicable to WTL 7.0 as well." Quick MFC and WTL Comparison"WTL support list" forum for a WTL Document/View approach Reference

WTL links seem to have a habit of becoming broken... I have made a local copy of these here:

WTL Makes UI Programming a Joy
Part 1: The Basics
Part 2: The Bells and Whistles

The CodeProject's WTL collection is extensive so I've provided some direct links to my favorites here: Framework by Daniel Bowen. Docking Windows by Sergey Klimov
WTL for MFC Programmers
Part I- ATL GUI Classes
Part II- WTL GUI Base Classes
Part III- Toolbars and Status Bars
Part IV- Dialogs and Controls
Part V- Advanced Dialog UI Classes
Part VI- Hosting ActiveX Controls
Part VII- Splitter Windows
Part VIII - Property Sheets and Wizards
Part IX- GDI Classes, Common Dialogs, and Utility Classes