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Monster Bash

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Monster Bash Title ScreenMonster Bash Title Screen


Monster Bash on Wikipedia

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The classic DOS game Monster Bash was released by Apogee Software Productions (now 3DRealms) in 1993.

You might need DosBox to run it on the operating system that forgot its roots. This is a lot simpler than trying to set up a boot into DOS nowadays; however, unless you have hotshot hardware, today's WinDoze can't properly emulate the 360-degree hardware scrolling that FAST used under DOS... Not as smooth and fluid as Bash running on an antique PC.


Hacking Monster Bash

Bash1 requires NO crack. It is a free gift to you for sharing with whomever you choose.

The FAST System uses a custom method to pack data files that is based on the LZW algorithm (See LZW on Wikipedia)). C Code available here: deLZW.

In order to get to the compressed data, you'll have to pull it out of the resource file first. At the Game Modding Wiki there is a page about the DAT Format (Monster Bash). There is also a page there about the Monster Bash Sprite Format and the IMF music format. Both of these types of resources and many more are inside the DAT files which must be pulled out and probably decompressed with deLZW for two.

The same DAT format (deLZW, levels, blocks and sprites) was also used for ScubaVenture. A game published in a monthly disk magazine called SoftDisk around 1992.

At you can find Wombat which is capable of viewing levels and exporting from both Monster Bash and ScubaVenture (and more classics) the blocks and sprites out of which they are built.