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Upon noticing the flare,
You realize your stare
Had until now missed
When the flames first kissed.

Primal rhythms begin,
Deeper meanings swirl within,
Soothing bursts of color,
Pulsing Love-Trust-Honor.

Out from the heart
Dance forth tones apart,
Chords of fate
Slip past the gate.

Floating delicately,
Wonderous sparks,
Their gentle touches
Leave no marks.

The dying echo
Receeds into itself,
Only to explode
With resounding wealth.

Fire One, wondering "Why
Was it begun?" Spiritual cry!
Fire One, wandering by,
Wherefrom it comes, questioning eye.

The vision renews,
Granting your views,
A bright strobing light
Dazzles your sight.

Gift-wrapped boxes,
Full of paradoxes,
Reality dreams,
Nothing's what it seems.

Nothing's impossible,
Fantasy comes true,
Fire burning fire,
The Phoenix soars thru.

Flying higher,
Beyond infinity,
Denying ire,
Off to divinity.

Walking on egg shells,
Pushing on thru hells
Avoiding the coals,
You reach your goals.

Fire One, thundering sigh,
"Wuzzy won twos" Spiritually spry!
Fire One, wandering bye,
Thereto it goes, questioning "I"?

Copyright (c) 1998, 2005-06-11 by Gerald Lindsly