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2323: Denise throwing an arm east?

2150: Good tracking at National Hurricane Center (1922) . NICEly confirmed NW prediction? Where's my anime? Hurricane Video at It doesn't hurt to plan for the worst. Vero Beach at Cat 4?? GD glad I'm not in their jail this time. Serviceable chaps saved my ass from bouncing on the flooding smooth concrete last time. 1111: HIGH Denise didn't move off to Atlantic as predicted. CNUB now predicting possibly even a southward turn for Earl as it crosses the Jet Stream westwards.

2135: 09-01 Right around the corner. Crazily sane day! Moon half full. The WikiWiki Server Can not Process Your Request: Suspicious source. What up? Rarefied air at Too much helium if ya ask me.

More to come...

2010_08_30 1727 flashback to Saturday: Lebanon Soldier Dies In Afghan Insurgent Attack. Time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan too, Mr. Obama. Thanks, sir.

0842: Plenty of clear ocean to power you up north, Earl; proceed at risk to Gulf. One heck of a sucker there, my man. Wave coming in to Florida's east coast.

2032: Neighbor that just got scraped up by his fellow resident was just hassling me over my early yelling and sounding off at the wildlife... He can't seem to appreciate my echoing Reveille art @ 0700, but at least someone is listening. ;) Uh-oh, up, 2, 3, for what? 2-3-store. (maybe, hypothetical)

Not my fault that they didn't know I was playing for keeps. The reaper shall sow also.-gerald, 2010/08/31 15:47 Why do you think Hyperdrive is so scary? Where we going? Um, here. Have fun! Norwood mad as hell at Cincinnati.

1834: Dew points are falling as Sol heads for the hills of the Rockies.

1825: Hard to keep ahead of the present. Easy on the tachyons - no longer hypothetical, Wikipedia. We are picking them up with vision... alternate polarity 'photons'. Ref: Projection.

1700: Headed to Guild Wars... 1750: Assisted some allies and took a NICE journey from Camp Rankor to Deldrimor War Camp. Close of the month, Garda and Brinks making the rounds delivering...

1453: Earl presently tracking 'curve' to New Orleans. Wowie, Look out, Caribbeans. 1604: Projected to track as follows, but extremes see-sawing. Not much dew last night. Flash point tonight? 1615: Kansas City is focal point of a dew point lens.

Earl's Projected path nite 08_31></a>
<br />
1300: <a class=Coast Guard running interference? 1422: Trying, but hard as hell against Denise, Earl and Fiona... Mother Nature putting on a show. 1424: Caicos Islands and Haiti, that's a BIG wave!!

1147: Gawdarn, Navy boy! What up, BlueAngle? Awfully dang nam-it hot in the frickin' kitchen, buddy... Yay! Bingo, I found my multimeter! Crud, 50 zillion more projects... ;) 1214: Drats, TW... CA Security messing up BEHEMOTH-4015... Adjustment period... AI gotta sniff ya out. 1245: 6th Stud Lousy roll of double sixes... Solo 1st hand; can't lose, huh?

0914: Flag of the 51 US States in R&D. 50:US Flag 50

1016: In honor of the 51st state, Puerto Rico (Take D - only 46 more to place):US Flag 51d

Golly, need some ink Dell

Oops... 0745: Earl wakes up.

Overheard at the water cooler: "I'd say: Military." "What was your first clue?" 'Honor'. Damn, I must have pissed those Civvies off.

Proverbs 30:9a -> Lest I be full, and deny You, and say, "Who is the LORD?.

0830: No Dew? How about an inch of UDF Milk topped off by Moo Shine? Somehow blew the paper semi-globe off the credenza. ;)

0720: Getting bright out... The Crows have been driven north this year by the poor corn season. Put some seed and water out for the birds, lovers. 0740: A little bit of teamwork goes a long way: Quick round on the playground: 6+8 = 14 = 7*2. Thanks.

0523: Vortex over Birmingham, Alabama. Still a little time for some Dew? 0623: 5th Stud roll: 4-4-4-6-2, Three of a kind, 20. 0636: Oops... Left the Neon AI Globe offline too long; back online at CNUB base. 0639: Uh-oh... Getting electrical in the Gulf, south of BP Blowhole. Not my fault. I wish I knew how to work this 1987 vintage Mini Wizard gizmo... Patience... Fresh batteries in a toy put out to trash last week. LOL... Cracked me up good... I bet BEHEMOTH-4015 would get a kick out of it. Who stole my Radio Shack analog multimeter?

Job 40:19 - He is the first of the ways of God; only He who made him can bring near his sword.

Oops... NIV <- KJV (differing, I guess)

Proverbs 20:10 - Diverse weights and diverse measures, they are both alike, an abomination to the LORD.

Good thing the alchemists got most of the weights figured out by now. Black matter is what we can't detect though... Wake up and quit bashing little things together trying to find it, CERN. -gerald, 2010/08/31 01:06

0256: New HIGH enters arena over Montana, pushing a front east and squeezing a low north... Watch out, Canada. 0352: Trapezoid over Minneapolis.

0245: Mary, Mary, quite contrary... How does your garden grow? Trees about ready to go up in flash flames. Bring on the dew, Earl. Madd ain't even heard of Dadd... 12-step this, ya bitch: Bam! 0250: 4th Stud roll: Chance, 21 Phooey. Lost my chance already, but Blackjack, ya bum: Bust vs. 10, dingie. ;)

0033: Red 'V' WSW of Minneapolis. 0107: Rats? Fresh Acuvue 2's, laser site readjustment... Check... 0125: Golly, mate in 2. 0713: Ouch! Talk about sharp vision.

1220: Precipitation drying off as the sky clears. Where is Denise going? 0135: Expanding southwards; hopefully to drive off Earl, but Midwest still needs the rain, sir... Dry as a rock.

0002: 3rd Stud roll: 1-2-3-4-1, 2, 1, Small Straight, 30.