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BashedOS Stage 1 development commences from Linux, ReactOS, and Windows 2000 cores. Bare bones 32-bit OS bootable from CDROM to implement current NUB foundation under multitasking. I am sure I have the W2000 source buried somewhere, but not in mood to hunt too much. Won't need their sub-optimal codes anyway. Linux strong for job, I may get some insight from ReactOS, but Scratch-ola will be tuff... Too much spaghetti. "Hey Shredder!" On a clear disk, one can see forever. - anon

  • Phoenix Technologies virtually garbaged by high sounding HW.
  • OMG Microsoft!... so much virtual Slothware. Trash it and make room. CNUB warming up.
  • Dammit Linux... Virtual crap too? I am disappointed. Listening to wrong piper all over the place. Hit the road, Bill, I maybe email you a picture of a stag buck.
  • Alright, Reactors... some useable stuff there. Thanks for trying to pull a Gerald on some Bill-ass code.

"Big boys' forgot how quick was FAST... Not a chance, Bill.

Knoppix looks good. Friends have been busy. Need to percolate on that, Big Choppa job waiting. Darn it. Hired, I guess. Indepth, Inc. sources coming on recall.

Yay! Windows 2000 Source Code still public domain... loading HD now. :)



W2K source being chewed on by CNUB AI right now. 353 Megabytes and 28,772 files. Mostly garbage, but some core codes cannot be improved by much... Standard snippets.

Too bad, Billy. Not much hope of starting with a clean room, and you know it, you slimy little bastich. -gerald, 2010/07/02 23:55

Don't take it so hard. Bottom up design Bill Shist... 0.01% snippable... Phooey.

Like a scientistist never heard of one having to climb up some backs to get a higher look see? (Newton). WTF with throwing out PROVEN codes? 1-squared is only a 1. 1-2-3 = 6* I bet some silly did try to patent the Wheel... "Not-ungh, Buddy. *My* idea and you can't make your own better. Start with this design for scratchers though."

What a clearly worthless piece-of-crap operating system we were all talked into somehow. XP can't even run Win98's DEBUG.EXE... What fools we have been. Please throw the Win7 black glass into the smelter.

Relatively simple to bootstrap one of these beasts, but having trouble finding source to boot sector on CDROM. Any help? Too much input... Seeing the pictures but immediate distractions making focus difficult to keep. ReactOS? Gawd awful build instructions there. Yick. How techy can ya get?... Triangle-shaped wheel makers with no gears to interchange parts... Awful... Don't need another IDE or build enviro... Round wheel worked just fine.

And Just Plain Virtual Silliness... Virtually means almost like. Not abstracted and simulated. Virtual CDROM standard is right concept but bad name for it: Multi-Boot CD! Getting warmer...

  • Aha! Nice work. Oopsie though. .6 gig linux core? to do what? say "Hiya!" ?? Now seeing only 8k to it. Managable... where is source to isolinux?

  • Close? D:\dev\linux-2.6.34\arch\x86\boot ... Bull's Eye! What a wild goose chase, but found key! Yay! Break time... Ok. Now to pack it. Hand-written 386 code for sure Linux... No CPU that won't do 386 is worth the sand... Boot 386 and switch processor to proper mode once memory configured for it.

Ok. Offline for a bit. Time for some jazzy ASM coding... Hey there, Santana... "Europa" awesome. Cyas later. -gerald, 2010/07/03 02:48


Test run not too shabby

Up to good speed but no stamina currently. Hyperdrive on last night sapped us. Gaia thinks we need Delta Waves to sort some technical details out. ;) out. -- gerald, 2010/07/02 01:14



.model 386


; Copyright 2010 released to public domain by Gerald Lindsly

; Copyright 2009 Intel Corporation; author H. Peter Anvin

; This file was part of the Linux kernel, and was made available under

; the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or (at your

; option) any later version; incorporated herein by reference.

; Dredged to MASM Standard. Intel... a := b

; "Glove box" for BIOS calls. Avoids the constant problems with BIOSes

; touching registers they shouldn't be.

public intcall

; Self-modify the INT instruction. Ugly, but works.

cmp al,INTop

je L1

mov INTop,al

jmp L1 ; Synchronize pipeline


; Save state


push fs

push gs


; Copy input state to stack frame

sub sp,44h

mov si,dx

mov di,sp

mov cx,11h

rep: movsd

; Pop full state from the stack


pop gs

pop fs

pop es

pop ds


; Actual INT

db 0CDh ; INT opcode

INTop: db 0

; Push full state to the stack


push ds

push es

push fs

push gs


; Re-establish C environment invariants


movzx esp,sp

mov ax,cs

mov ds,ax

mov es,ax

; Copy output state from stack frame

mov esp+68,di ; Original cx == 3rd argument

and di,di

jz L4

mov si,sp

mov cx,11h

rep: movsd

L4: add sp,44h

; Restore state and return


pop gs

pop fs




Will verify later. Looks good for just before breakfast.-gerald, 2010/07/03 03:42