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  • Significator: 10 of Pentacles
    • A man and woman...
  • Influence: Ace of Cups
    • House of the True Heart
      • Nourishment, abundance, holy table, happiness
  • Obstacles: Ace of Wands
    • Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition; also - not unclouded joy.
  • Goal: The Fool
    • Zero or Infinity? Cipher that. 10-4. 0 | OO?
      • Infinite discrete possibilities
        • Of course, that's impossible for most to conceive.
  • Own: 7 of Wands
    • Valor, discussion, competetion
      • Ha! Try co-op, dingbat.
        • oops.
  • Behind: 6 of Cups
    • Looking back to childhood
      • Bing, Bang, Boing and the Magic marble race track machine.
        • Yes, sir, Mr. Time Traveler.
          • Gawdarn, Gee, threw me for a loop too.
  • Ahead: 6 of Swords
    • Journey by water, commissionary
  • Self: Death
    • Life beyond... No worries.
  • House: Page of Cups
    • Studious and fair man impelled to render service
  • Hope: The Lovers
  • To Come: King of Cups
    • Divinity